We are available as dust extraction contractors Swinton and offer a range of Fume Extraction Equipment. We are expert ventilation contractors and design, supply and install ventilation, fume, dust and steam Extraction Units in Swinton.

With over 30 years experience, our industrial extraction company works within the dust and fume control industry, we excel in supplying cost effective industrial Steam Extraction and Fume Extraction equipment, designed to fit our Swinton clients requirements.

Extraction Equipment Suppliers Swinton

We specialise in the installation, maintenance and testing of Dust Extraction Systems in Swinton. These extraction systems have a number of different uses and applications for factories and industrial buildings. As an industrial extraction company we can design and install bespoke extraction unit systems expertly manufactured for garages, paint shops, body shops, joinery workshops, commercial kitchens and food processing plants. Our approach provides fast and efficient fume and dust extraction in Swinton.

Why you need Fume Extractors in Swinton

The dangers associated with inadequately designed or insufficient fume extraction on operators and personnel can be deadly. We are dust extraction system designers and manufacturers for clients in Swinton. We also carry out rigorous Fume Extraction Unit Testing in Swinton and provide round the clock repairs and regular industrial extraction systems maintenance and servicing in Swinton.

Extraction Unit Manufacturers

Our industrial extraction company are Dust Extraction Unit Manufacturers in Swinton, and we have the facilities and capabilities to re-produce factory conditions on our dry run systems to foresee any future problems that may incur.

We utilise the latest materials and technology in the design and manufacturing process of industrial sized fume and dust extractors for Swinton. All of our contractors are highly trained and experienced to manufacture fume extraction equipment to your specifications.

Rigorous Testing

We offer testing for fume extraction, dust filtration, fume control, steam extraction machines and wood dust collection systems. As part of COSHH guidelines, it's important to not only have a Dust/Fume Extraction Installation in Swinton, but to also ensure they're working effectively and efficiently at all times.

To discuss your Fume Extraction System or to enquire about any of our Industrial Extraction Services in Swinton, call 01257 254488 or email us via the form on our contact page.

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working areas

Food working areas

We provide ATEX approved dust extraction equipment in both high and low vacuum. We also supply self retracting hose and cable reels which ensure your dust/fume extraction system is an asset and not a hazard.

Vehicle exhaust
extraction systems

Vehicle exhaust extraction systems

Reels - Tracks - Single or multi drop vehicle exhaust fume extraction systems. High temperature hose and nozzles for small, medium and large vehicles ensure a safe working environment and effective exhaust fume extraction.

Automotive industry
dedicated working bays

Automotive industry dedicated working bays

Retractable PVC curtained booths together with central or mobile high or low vacuum extraction systems to help you comply with the aluminium vehicle manufacturers requirements for the safe repair of these vehicles.

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